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Eclinic Health Managent System

Eclinic HMS

Eclinic HMS is a Ugandan based, health information management system offering an advanced EHR patient portal, revenue cycle management through automated billing, stock and inventory management, and to help accelerate adoption and meaningful use to maximize value and information throughput.

Eclinic is user-friendly facilitating quick adoption, quality decision making and streamline operations. It's written in The Go Programming Language(Backend) and Svelte Kit(Frontend).

This means we generate a single binary of lean, fast and scalable system that is easy to deploy either locally or remotely and can run on any machine.


  • Patient Portal
  • Visit Management
  • Real-time Patient Queue Monitoring
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory with realtime Notifications
  • Radiology with realtime Notifications
  • Inventory: Track Supplier invoices and stock in
  • Antenatal Care: Comprehensive ANC based on standard MOH card(2023)
  • Doctor's Management Portal with Triage tools, History, Examination, Admissions, Rx Chart.
  • Referral Tracking
  • Billing and payments
  • Eclinic Realtime Chat
  • Over the counter(OTC) Sales
  • Daily, monthly and annual expense tracking
  • Payroll Management: Employee Salary, NSSF, Allowances
  • Admin with Financial analytics
  • HMIS Report: Automatic report generation for attendances and diagnoses
  • Request for quotation
  • The third policy that's important is to apply modern information technology to our medical system. Doctors practice 21st century medicine, they still have 19th century filing systems. And this is an important issue. One reason it's an important issue, because when a doc writes their files by hand, you generally can't read the writing. That leads to inefficiency and error. In hospital there is more risk of preventable medical error when records are handwritten, instead of being cross-checked on a computer. Oftentimes doctors duplicate expensive tests because they do not have access to previous results. In other words, the medical system has not taken advantage of information technology...

    President George W. Bush

  • For a single health care facility to be competitive, it must optimize its resources and employ leading-edge technology to raise the bar for efficiency and patient safety.

    Kerry O'Leary